Memoir 4

I have started to write not with an idea of wanting to become a poet or writer – I started because I was traumatised by many events in my life, including sexual violence. How many times I attempted to write something, anything – nothing worked, until I realised that I have to write for myself not for others. Both are scary though… the fear of judgment and self-judgment plays a huge role in slowing down or shutting down your process of breaking through. When you feel your body and mind no longer can stand what happened to you – this the moment. Sit down and write. Do not worry about the grammar or structure – just write, corrections will come later or maybe not. It does not matter. You have finally found a way to put IT out of your head and body. Moving physically your body will aid the process especially when the emotions are so strong that you feel you cannot sit still – just stand up and allow your body to do what it needs to do. 

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