Memoir 8


Shinrin Yoku, a practice born in Japan, encourages us to immerse in nature’s span, to embrace the serenity and beauty of the earth, and to bask in its healing powers.

Science tells us that this simple act, can lower stress levels, boost our mood and fact, increase concentration, creativity, and energy, and even boost our immune system.

breathing in the fragrance of the forest
we enter a realm of peace and rest
where the worries of the world seem to cease
and our senses awaken to new life and release

the scent of the trees
the sound of the stream
the sight of the flowers
 a colourful dream
the touch of the leaves
the taste of the air
all come together to heal, restore, and repair.

so next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, step out into nature, and let it do the rest

embrace the sounds, the sights, the scents so bold, and let Shinrin Yoku, its magic unfold

for the benefits of Shinrin Yoku are plain to see
a connection to nature
good for you and me

so go ahead, breathe deep, let nature be your guide, and bask in the peace and happiness it provides

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