Electricity Outage – An opportunity given by nature?

Today, I’ve been granted a unique opportunity by the whims of nature. A power outage in my city caused by the Zonda wind (Mendoza province) has disrupted my usual routine, leaving me momentarily adrift. Typically, I’d be immersed in a sea of emails and assignments, but the absence of internet access has created a void in my day. This led me to ponder: how should I spend this unexpected free time?

It took some time to recognize this situation as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Eventually, I found myself reaching for my headphones and diving into my music playlist. As the melodies of piano and violin filled the air, I was reminded of the complexities and wonders of human existence, both known and unknown. The music transported me to places I’d never even imagined—uncharted territories within myself that both transform and reaffirm my sense of identity: who I am, who I am not.

“I have to be fine with who I am not,” whispers a voice in my mind, and I find myself contemplating the origin of this thought.

It’s a common human tendency to compare ourselves to others, to measure our abilities and achievements against those around us. A tinge of envy might even sneak in—wishing we could accomplish what they have, or possess the courage they display. I am no exception to this universal experience.

I’m not entirely sure where these thoughts are leading me, but I must remind myself that I am enough in this very moment, independent of external expectations.

As humans, we often view the world through the lens of our own desires and needs, seeking to quell our sense of dissatisfaction. But what are the boundaries of this pursuit? What happens if we manage to satisfy those unfulfilled desires? What comes next?

I find some measure of fulfillment in exploring my questions through writing, yet I’m aware that there may not be a definitive answer. Even as I attempt to articulate my thoughts, I sense a lingering dissatisfaction with my own conclusions.

I’m beginning to discern different categories within my satisfaction-dissatisfaction dynamic. One type of satisfaction arises from the simple act of sitting down to write; had I not followed my initial urge to articulate my thoughts, I might have felt dissatisfied. Another type stems from my partial success in answering my own questions, yet even then, a sense of incompleteness lingers.

I suppose I must come to terms with the extent to which I can answer my own questions. Accepting that some answers may remain elusive allows me to appreciate the progress I’ve made, while still leaving room for further exploration and understanding.

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