Innately good or at least neutral at default

If I operate under the belief that I am innately good, or at least neutral by default, then I must question what factors have led this state to erode over time. Is it a vulnerability to the negative influences or ‘diseases’ of others that causes this initial state to disintegrate?

The thing is, I’m not merely assuming this; I am confident that it is an ultimate truth. This conviction strengthens my resolve to understand the external forces that may have impacted my inherent goodness, and to take steps to safeguard it against future erosion.

Drawing from my own experiences, I recognize that suffering initially inflicted upon me by someone else can later transform into self-inflicted pain. This cycle not only challenges my belief in my innate goodness but also serves as a cautionary tale. It underscores the importance of understanding how external influences can become internalized, leading me to compromise my own well-being.

There’s no rush to disclose everything now; a time will come when I’m courageous enough to share my entire story without diluting my conclusions. Currently, I find myself contemplating the potential repercussions for others if I were to reveal all the details today. Once again, I’m conflicted, caught between my awareness and my strong moral backbone. While harm was done to me, I question whether it’s right to intentionally inflict harm on others in return. With awareness, indeed, comes responsibility, I tend to think.

Could this internal struggle serve as evidence for what I believe to be a universal truth—that all human beings, including myself, are innately good or at least neutral by default?

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