Milena A. Guziak
MChem (UK), PhDEng (Japan), MScPsy (UK)

I welcome you very warmly to my wellness space, hopefully yours as well. My name is Milena. I have created this space to support my life journey through my many passions.  Many things were holding me back in the past – they hold me back  a bit less today – to be able to do this. There is less fear and more courage, less self-judgment and more self-love, and finally less suffering and more happiness within. There is finally space to transform.

Areas of Expertise & Duties:
– Shinrin Yoku Global Outreach
– Shinrin Yoku & Nature Connectedness Research
– Shinrin Yoku Practitioner & Shinrin Yoku Guide Instructor
– Founder of Forest Healing Sphere
– Founder of International Shinrin Yoku Association
– Owner & Founder of 森の心・人の心 – Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest.
– Nature Business Consultations
– Life Coaching (ICF, ACC)
– Academic Life Coaching (ACL)
– Yoga Instructor (Siddhi Yoga)
– Reiki Healer (Jikiden Linage)
– Independent Publisher

I lived for almost 18 years outside the borders of Poland, including 10 years in Japan. I first encountered Japanese culture when I went on a one-year internship in Japan while studying in England. This year changed my life. After graduating with a master’s degree in chemistry, I relocated to Japan again to do doctorate in engineering, applied physics. During this time, I taught at universities using ‘reflective education’ and ‘student-centered approach’, as well as exploring the forest and cultural corners of Japan. It was in the forest that I found my calling . It was there that I found courage to be me.

My faith in the goodness of people and connection with nature, her scientific background, knowledge of teaching methods, as well as  Japanese language allowed her to create informative Shinrin-Yoku Guide trainings.  I completed her master’s degree in psychology in 2022, and my research project addresses the role of nature in regulating emotions. A scientific article from my master’s thesis in English will be available soon. I am now collaborating with Prof. David Sheffield (Nature Connectedness Group of Derby University) on the influence of psychedelics on connecting with nature and Polish State Forests to spread Shinrin Yoku as a response to mental health and climate crisis. 

I have trained more than 100 Forest Bathing Guides or Shinrin Yoku Guides. Recently, my training  received the Quality Management System Certificate acc. ISO 9001:2015 in the field of training services by the European Center for Quality and Promotion. 

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Inspired by Shinrin Yoku. Have courage to be free. Find your freedom with nature.

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