Appreciate your uniqueness. Have courage to be you.

Return to your true-self and reconnect with nature through Shinrin Yoku.

Venture into many pathways to find what you love.

Change for the better.

Ikigai, Kaizen, Shinrin Yoku, and Oubaitouri

A path to purpose, balance, and well-being we follow.
Ikigai, the reason we exist, gives life meaning and grace,`
by intersecting what we love, what we excel, the world needs, and the price we can place.

Kaizen, a journey of improvement, helps us grow each day,
with small changes, leading to big results, we pave the way.

Shinrin Yoku, a dip in nature, soothes the mind and heart,
bringing peace, calmness, and happiness, a much-needed art.

Oubaitouri, the quest for purpose, takes us to new lands,
xploring, discovering, and growing, we stretch our hands.

Together these concepts, guide us to live life full and bright,
finding purpose, balance, and well-being, every day and night.

Transform With Me

Milena A. Guziak
MChem (UK), PhDEng (Japan), MScPsy (UK)

I welcome you very warmly to my wellness space, hopefully yours as well. My name is Milena. I have created this space to support my life journey through my many passions.  Many things were holding me back in the past – they hold me back  a bit less today – to be able to do this. There is less fear and more courage, less self-judgment and more self-love, and finally less suffering and more happiness within. There is finally space to transform. Transform with me.

Shinrin Yoku Invitation Bank

Step into the heart of nature and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with Shinrin-yoku Invitation Bank! This collection of Shinrin Yoku Invitations offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with the natural world.

For two years, I have been working to bring you this project to to life.  With the help of the forest, I have curated a diverse range of activities designed to help you connect with nature in a meaningful and impactful way.

Now available only in English, but soon in Polish, Japanese, and French.

300 + Shinrin Yoku Invitations

Chose from 300 + Shirin Yoku Invitations: touch, curiosity, heart-opening, winter, rain, interoception, etc.

30+ Themes

Choose from 30 + themes to help you with your practice, e.g.:
- sense of smell (10 invitations)
- intuition (10 invitations)
- spring (10 invitations), etc.

Shinrin Yoku Invitation

Toolkit that will help you to create your own invitations:
- what to consider when creating Shinrin Yoku invitations,
- ways to inspire yourself when designing Shinrin Yoku invitations, etc.

Ready Transcripts

12 examples of ready Shinrin Yoku sessions, including:
- objectives,
- instructions,
- possible transcripts
- possible psychological and physical risk,
- mitigations of these risks

Shinrin Yoku Offerings

Nature of any kind is my place to go to, to restore, to relax, to be myself, to get inspired, to make life decisions, to write, to slip under trees, to feel the wind on my skin, to sleep, to hike, to run, and to sleep. However, forest has a very special place in my life. My mindful engagement with the forest through the practice of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing, forest therapy, forest medicine) has started many years ago in Japan. Unconditional love like I have never felt before embraced my being – I surrounded to it and to be me.

If not for the forest, where would I be? Well, we are meeting here today – full of gratitude, openness, and zest for life. 

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing, a fluid river
Of thoughts and emotions, that forever
Pours from the soul, in endless stream
A symphony, a rhythmic theme

It’s a dance of words, with grace and flow
Telling tales, of love, and pain and woe
A path to healing, to release pent up fears
To reach a place, of peace, calm and tears

It’s an art, that breathes life into lines
And paints a picture, that forever shines
A story told, with depth and might
A release of heart, in black and white

In expressive writing, we find our voice
And the world, a window, to our soul’s rejoice
It’s a journey, to a place of truth
Where we unfold, in every written proof

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