We are never alone. Our diverse mother earth is always there to guide us, teach us, and inspire us. The forests, mountains, oceans, and deserts offer us both comfort and discomfort, giving us opportunities to learn, engage, and connect, and to understand that we are all one.

For me, the forest is my home, my life. It is where I find peace, solace, and a deep sense of connection to the world around me. I hope that you too have found an outlet to express yourself, to connect with nature, and to feel the profound beauty and wisdom that surrounds us.

“This collection is more than just nature poetry, but an exemplar of the benefits of ‘forest bathing’ (shinrin yoku). ‘Let nature be your teacher,’ said Wordsworth, and this is very much the theme, though from a Buddhist viewpoint. Notable throughout is the active role of nature, to which the human observer is receptive. In keeping with the subject matter, the poems radiate honesty, sincerity and spirituality. Written in Japanese and translated into English, they impress on the reader the healing properties of the forest. It may not be as good as actually bathing in it, but it is the next best thing.” – John Dougill, founder of Writers in Kyoto, author of Japan’s World Heritage Sites: Unique Culture, Unique Nature.

Pathways of the Forest – 森の経路” is your journey, weaving the threads of Shinrin Yoku with five Buddhist concepts: En (interconnectedness), Mujou (impermanence), Funi (non-duality), Meisou (mindfulness), and Kanso (simplicity).

The book unfolds in five chapters, each dedicated to exploring one of these principles in the forest environemnt, with each offering ten Shinrin Yoku invitations that embody the respective Buddhist principle.

Each invitation is presented on its own page, allowing readers to dive deep into experiential learning. An integral part of the book’s design is the space for personal reflection. Following each invitation, readers will find a blank page with questions. This space serves as a canvas for thoughts, emotions, or artistic expressions, nurturing a personal connection.

✅ 5 chapters
✅ 10 invitations/chapter
✅ space to express
✅ questions to reflect
✅ your companion in the forest

I should say that one path remains largely uncharted in the academic discourse on Shinrin Yoku: the spiritual dimension

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